Commercials for Employers


The Commercials Announcements Agreement is structured to allow you to pay only for the market or media that you need. For example, if your spot will be airing online only, there’s no need to pay for broadcast rights. However, if you need your spot to exhibit in all media worldwide, there is a scale for pre-payment for that, too.

Musicians will be paid for the actual recording session, plus an initial use fee that allows the purchase of any of a wide menu of use options, from 8 weeks of radio-only broadcast to 52 weeks of worldwide use in all media, on all platforms.

Below you will find documents in PDF format, including fillable contract forms, an assumption agreement for assigning rights to another party, and the single project letter of agreement for producers who are not already signatory to the AFM Agreement, and wish to sign only for one project.

Please note: assumption agreements and letters of acceptance must be sent to AFM for counter signature