SRLA Rules

  • No Recording is Permitted without the Use of a Valid AFM Recording Agreement.
  • No Cancellations less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the session, except with consent of the office of the Federation President in the event of an emergency.

Duties of Leaders and/or Contractors:

  1. Session MUST be reported in advance
  2. Contracts MUST be filled in COMPLETELY
  3. The leader or contractor MUST, WITHIN 72 HOURS of the session, turn in a B-4 report form with completed W-4’s and I-9’s, with back up, for all personnel to the company and have the representative of the company accepting the report form initial and date it to acknowledge receipt of same. If the report forms W-4’s and I-9’s are mailed to the company, they must be sent by certified mail, and return receipt requested.