SRLA Session Report


Use this template to explore how to fill out a contract for a session under the Sound Recording Labor Agreement. Just touch a highlighted field for info.

Sound Recording Contract
Recording Date Contract Date Number of musicians Record Co. Record Co Rep Info Artist or Group Producer Track listing Production type Payment Type Low Budget Signatory Pension payer Signatory Signature Leader Signature Signatory name/phone Leader phone Day Music Prep Report no

Recording Date

The actual date of the session

Contract Date

Date that you are submitting this contract

Number of musicians

The total number of musicians on this session, including contractor, side musicians, arrangers/copyists, etc.

Record Co.

The name of the record company; the label name is optional.

Record Co Rep Info

Please include the name, full address, and phone number for the record company representative.

Artist or Group

Name of the artist/group...if there is more than one, you must fill out a different contract for each artist or group


The name(s) of the producer or producers

Track listing

The exact timing and name for each track, including minutes and seconds

Production type

"Original session" is the default checkbox.

Payment Type

"Non-symphonic" is the default payment type. If your project is a chamber music recording, it must be approved 4 weeks in advance by the AFM.

Low Budget

If your project would qualify as a Low Budget recording (please see ______) your budget must be submitted to the AFM 72 hours in advance of the session.


Please enter the record company that is signatory to the AFM Sound Recording Labor Agreement. In most cases this will be the major record label.

Pension payer

In most cases this will be the name of the payroll company. Please provide the name and address.

Signatory Signature

A representative of the signatory record company must sign the contract here.

Leader Signature

The leader on the session must sign the contract here

Signatory name/phone

This line is for the signatory record company representative's name and phone number

Leader phone

Enter the leader's phone number here.


Day of the week of the session. This is important because wage scale premiums apply on Sunday.

Music Prep

Please remember to list each arranger, orchestrator, copyist or other music preparation professional on the contract.

Report no

Please contact your AFM Local for a unique report number.