Frequently Asked Questions about the AFM Videogame/Interactive Media Agreement (VGA)

  • If I am called for a Videogame under the new AFM Videogames and Interactive Media Agreement (VGA), should I expect residual payments later on? Ans: No. Unlike the AFM Agreements for Theatrical Motion Pictures and Television Film, there are no residuals, no secondary markets or royalties in the VGA.
  • Are there other back end payments in the VGA? Ans: No, there are no supplemental markets or residual payments.
  • If I am a player and I am called for a VGA session, what are the rates?
Number of Musicians Scale for a 3 Hour Session Overtime (per 15 minutes in 1 hour hold period)
25 or more musicians $300.00 $25.00
24 musicians or less $345.00 $28.76
Pension 14.5%
Health Care $30.54 per day (Flex Plan – in LA only)


  • How do the AFM VGA rates compare with those used in London? Ans: British Musicians Union Combined Use
Musician Hours Per Hour (Exchange) Dollars 3 Hours
Schedule 1 2-36 £114.00 (1.59) $181.26 $543.78
Schedule 2 37-350 £85.00 (1.59) $135.15 $405.45
Schedule 3 351-800 £76.00 (1.59) $120.84 $362.52
Schedule 4 802 or more £56.00 (1.59) $89.04 $267.12
  • What should I expect if I am asked to double my part? Ans: doubling, or tracking, is a mechanism for replacing musicians. The payment for doubling your part is a new 100% session rate. Note: in London, the rate is 110%.
  • What should I expect if a soundtrack album is released from the game I played on? Ans: The Producer has a menu of choices available for payment, running from a release of 15,000 units with no payment, to full Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA) scale.
  • If a sequel to the game I played on is produced, can they use music that I participated in without paying me again?  Ans: Yes.
  • If a movie or TV show is produced based on the  game I played on, can they use music that I participated in without paying me again? Ans: No, new use payments would be required if the music is used in another media.
  • Is there a summary of the terms and conditions of the VGA here at Ans: Yes, Click Here
  • If I am called for a VGA session, how can I be sure that the employer is legitimate, and financially responsible?  Ans: The AFM requires the employer to either sign a Single Project Agreement and then the AFM Assumption Agreement, or sit down and negotiate a term Agreement with the AFM.