Motion Picture & Television Film

Minimum Pay for Eight Hours

Includes 4%
vacation pay
Scale Overtime
(per 15 minutes)
Two or more 241.96 11.35
One person alone 285.13 13.37

Pension Fund – 11.99% of scale earnings

Health & Welfare Fund – Contribution of $48.54 per day. If the musicians are not participants in an AFM Local Health Plan, the contributions shall be paid directly to the musicians, (and that portion is not subject to Pension or work dues).

Calls – Eight hour minimum with overtime in increments of 15 minutes. Please see for Night Premium, Meal Break and other overtime rules

Cancellation of Calls – Calls may be canceled for any of the following reasons only:
1. Illness in principal cast
2. Fire, flood or other similar catastrophe
3.Govermental regulation or other issues due to a national emergency.

In the event of a cancellation, the musician so cancelled shall be entitled to a one-half check, EXCEPT if the musician is notified of the cancellation before 6:00 P.M. of the day previous to the work date by the same or any other producer, HE/SHE SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO SUCH ONE-HALF CHECK.

Doubling- 25% for the first double, 10% for each additional double.

Wardrobe Allowance – $30.00 allowance for tuxedo or white tie and tails.

Wardrobe Change – $10.00 for the first change and $15.00 for two or more changes.

Wardrobe Removal – Whenever a sideline musician turns in wardrobe or property on time which he/she is not otherwise compensated, he/she shall be paid a wardrobe allowance of thirty minutes at the regular hourly rate for that day. If more than one-half hour is required, he/she shall be paid for such excess time in units of 15 minutes.

Orchestra Manager – If ten (10) or more sideline musicians (including leader) are employed, an orchestra manager is required for such call. It shall be the duty of the orchestra manager to see that all musical activities conform to Federation rules and regulations which do not contravene any valid law. The orchestra manager shall be physically present at all times that the sideline musicians engaged by him/her are working during the entire engagement.

Travel Time – (Between 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.) – per hour: $28.90

Recording by Sideline Musicians – Except for “leak through”, if a sideline musician records he/she shall be paid for a minimum of one recording session in addition to 100% of the sideline scale.

Silent Bit – When sideline musicians are directed to do special business (portrayal of an essential story point in pantomime, or pantomime special business with actors to convey an essential story point in a close shot), such performance will constitute a silent bit and require additional payment.

Many additional terms and conditions for sideline employment, including overtime, wardrobe, makeup, fittings, meals, interviews, and other items are to be found in the complete AFM Motion Picture and TV Agreement. Wages and other Benefit amounts change during the contract term, so please check at for the most complete and current information.

Sideline also can occur under the Sound Recording Labor Agreement for Music Videos. Those terms are different than the ones described above for Movies and Television.


Minimum Pay for Eight Hours
Two or more 224.81
One person alone 449.62