Videogame/Interactive Media Agreement

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 Number of Musicians Scale for a 3 Hour Session Overtime(per 15 minutes in 1 hour hold period)
25 or more musicians 300.00 25.00
24 musicians or less 345.00 28.75

Pension  14.5%, H&W Contribution $25.00 per day

1. Scope: The Employer recognizes the AFM as the exclusive bargaining agent for musicians covered by this Agreement.

2. Use Of Music: Music recorded, copied, orchestrated or prepared pursuant to this Agreement is solely for use by the Employer in a Video Game/Interactive Media (VGA) project. Such music, as well as images and audio dialog of musicians participating in these recordings, may be used without additional payment for commercial promotion of this project in Trailers, Commercials, Electronic Press-kits (“EPK”), “Making of Videos”, etc.

No additional payment is due for use of music in repackaged, re-released or bundled version of the original product, including expansions packs, add-ons, patches or updates of product, requires no additional payment and is considered original product. All music made pursuant to this agreement may also be used without charge in successor/ sequel releases provided that any new music which is recorded for that sequel/ successor product, is recorded using the AFM Video Game Agreement which is then in effect.

For Video Game soundtrack albums, the Employer or its licensee may, upon notice to the AFM, release up to 15,000 units of physical compact discs or digital downloads without additional charge. This music shall not be used in any Motion Picture Theatrical Film, Television Film or any other medium, unless applicable payments are made under the appropriate AFM Agreement(s) and an approved AFM assumption agreement between the Employer and Licensee is secured.

3. Scale Wages:
(Tier 1) 1-24 musicians – $115/hr
(Tier 2) 25 or more musicians – $100/hr

A contractor is required for sessions of 12 or more. When 2 or more sessions occur on the same day for the same project, applicable scale is the scale rate required for the session employing the largest number of musicians; except for sessions employing 11 or fewer musicians. Musicians shall be paid no less than the scale rates set forth within this Agreement, but nothing within this Agreement shall prevent any Musician from negotiating and obtaining a higher wage than scale.

4. Call Length/Breaks: Minimum call is 3 Hours (Single Session). Guaranteed longer calls and Double Sessions (6 hrs of recording within an 8 hr time span, including meal break) are permitted. Booking two Single Sessions in the same day in lieu of a Double Session in order to circumvent the time spread penalty is not permitted. A ten minute hourly break is required.

5. Leader/Contractor: Scale for Leader and Contractor is double the applicable Side Musician scale. When only one Musician is called for a session, he/she shall be paid double the Side Musicians rate. A Contractor (playing or non-playing) is required for sessions employing 12 or more Side Musicians.

6. Multi-Tracking using Electronic Instrument Devices: $230/hr, with a 3 hour minimum.

7. Pension: 14.5% of Basic Scale Wages, plus doubles, Leader and Contractor premiums, and any overtime and premium overtime wages.

8. Health & Welfare: $30.54 per day

9. Hold Hour/Overtime: Musicians, if required by Employer, must be available for 1 hour beyond guaranteed call length.

AFM Videogame Agreement (VGA) June2014

AFM Videogame Summary June2014